Promo & Tradeshow


Length of time must be stated at time of booking and full time booked must be paid, whether used or not. Three hour minimum with 30 minute increments.

  • BETWEEN 9AM and 5PM DAILY: $50-$75 per hour

  • BEFORE 9AM AND AFTER 5PM (Monday-Friday): Time and a half per hour

  • BEFORE 9AM AND AFTER 5PM (Saturday-Sunday & Holidays): $75-$100 per hour

  • INTERPRETERS and NARRATORS: $60-$100 per hour

  • SHOPPING FEE: $20 per hour

  • COSTUME RENTALS: $50-$200 per day, advance payment required.


Confirmed bookings are subject to a full assignment cancellation fee, if cancelled less than 48 hours.


Apply to models working outside of their Home Base (HB) booking area. Double click on models thumbnail photo for additional photos, sizes and HB. Check with Agency on models fees.


To be paid in full last day of show
20% agency accounting fee added to all gross bookings
50% Deposit Required on all new accounts
Costume Rentals: Advance payment required